Conceptual model

We conclude our selection of recommendations and questions from the conceptual model6 for a common
approach on integrating services.





Create and follow data quality assurance plans for
base registries and related master data.
Publish open data in machine-readable,
non-proprietary formats. Ensure that open data is
accompanied by high quality, machine-readable
metadata in non-proprietary formats, including a
description of their content, the way data is
collected and its level of quality and the licence
terms under which it is made available. The use of
common vocabularies for expressing metadata is
Communicate clearly the right to access and reuse
open data. The legal regimes for facilitating access
and reuse, such as licences, should be standardised
as much as possible.
Use trust services according to the Regulation on
eID and Trust Services as mechanisms that ensure
secure and protected data exchange in public
Consider the specific security and privacy
requirements and identify measures for the
provision of each public service according to risk
management plans.

Do you create and follow data quality assurance
plans for widely used datasets?

Do you have a policy to ensure that your service
produces correct results within technical and
technological limits?

Does your service support data publishing in open
formats, with no restrictions upon usage following
the FAIR principles?

Does your service support datasets with
machine-readable metadata?

Does your service support metadata in open

For each dataset, do you clearly state the licensing
of that dataset? For instance that this dataset is
licensed under Creative Commons, GPL, BSD?

If yes, do you specify e.g. the version and/or more
detailed license type?

Do you have risk management plans in place,
taking into account security and privacy measures?

Do you use electronic identification (eID) and/or
other trust services (e.g. e-signatures,
e-timestamps, e-seals etc) as mechanisms to
ensure secure and protected data exchange?

Do you use other similar services as mechanisms to
ensure secure and protected data exchange?